Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gatlinburg, Great Smokies, Greensboro, G.R.

We had a wonderful little get-away earlier this month for our annual trip south to the Great Smokies Gift Show, though we were disappointed with the offerings this year and made only one order for the Gardens. Actually we didn't spend as much time at the 2 locations for the show because we had car trouble; the starter on our Element went out. It might have been a huge ordeal if it had gone bad on our previous stop at a waterfall on a 2-track road 8 miles out of Gatlinburg. But fortunately it stopped dead in front of our motel on the main street. We learned that for us there was no better place to break down---a very prompt and reasonably priced tow-truck driver and ditto on the mechanic. That combined with the kindness of a local police captain, the next day we were on our way to Greensboro to see Laura and Bob only 3 hours late. Before the breakdown we enjoyed some wonderful weather for hiking. It was rainy in Greensboro, but that didn't dampen our time with the kids. Now back in Grand Rapids, we're enjoying our first snow at the Gardens. I couldn't resist snapping the palm tree.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Old factory in Belding
On Sunday we headed out for a fall color tour mixing work and pleasure, snapping pics after we got home from church and along the way. On our way up north to pick up metal art for the Gardens, we stopped to hike and revisit some of our favorite spots.
Ruth Tucker

Decorated for Halloween, Belding

19th cent silk workers' residence

Metal art purchased for Gardens

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Kids in Greensboro

Bob and Laura, here on a weekend trip celebrating Laura's birthday. They have hectic schedules but appear to be chilling out in this snap. We're looking forward to our annual autumn trip to spend a couple of days with them, and then it will be their turn to come this way for Christmas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

All the Women at Calvin Seminary

Here's an interesting article that was featured tonight on NBC Nightly News:

Elle's #MoreWomen Video Shows Just How Few Women Are At The Top

It pictures people in high political office, corporate industry and the media, and then in another identical picture photoshops the men out, leaving only a very few women remaining. A provocative piece. I'm reminded of Calvin Theological Seminary on the day before I arrived. If a picture had been taken and all the men had been photo shopped out, it would have looked like this:

Two years after this picture of the faculty and administration was taken I was, without warning, given a terminal appointment. The rest is history.

Friday, October 09, 2015

From the UP and N. Wisconsin to Starved Rock S.P.

We left Alex to man the Gardens on Saturday and drove north through the Upper Peninsula to Iron Mountain where we stayed the night, then on to the farm in the morning, checking our all our old haunts and spending the night at the Best Western on the Yellow River in Spooner. On Monday we headed south through Wisconsin, snapping pictures along the way and spending the night with Kathy on her little farm near Evansville. Then on to Starved Rock where we hiked and spent our last night at the wonderful lodge there. After more hiking we arrived back home late Wednesday afternoon.
Black River Falls, WI

Route 33, south of Black River Falls

Amish farmer, Route 33

Nun in full habit riding lawn mower

Posing for camera, Starved Rock
John at Starved Rock

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Kim Davis, Self-promotion, Religious Freedom and the Pope

I’m sick of this story---bored to tears. So I’ll stick my two cents worth in the mix and offer my own assessment.

That Kim Davis does not personally endorse the marriage of certain individuals who come to the County Clerk’s office for marriage licenses has nothing to do with her signature on that license. The issuing of a license relates solely to legality. Allowing her to deny a license on the basis of her personal religion brings a religious test into the legal system. Davis is promoting herself as though she is a religious officiant. She is not.

I know of preachers who will not officiate the marriage of two people who do not profess to be Christians or two people, one professing the other not. These preachers enjoy religious freedom and the perfect right to deny their services. Catholic priests will not marry a couple if one has been divorced and there has been no annulment. Indeed, no devout Catholic county clerk could have issued Kim’s marriage license (on the basis of her religious freedom claim) since she was married and divorced three times with no annulments prior to her current marriage. She claims Pope Francis endorsed her, but did he know who she was and that (according to Catholic doctrine) she is still married to her first husband, thus a serial adulterer?

While claiming she is being denied religious freedom, Kim Davis is actually demanding special religious privilege. Imagine living in a country—or county in Kentucky—where people would have to check out the religious beliefs of a clerk before applying for a marriage license. What’s next, a sportsman seeking a hunting license—denied because the clerk is a Hindu whose religion does not allow the killing of animals? Or a restaurateur applying for a liquor license or zoning for a coffee shop and the clerk’s Mormon religion does not permit alcohol or coffee consumption? 

My advice to Kim: Get over yourself.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Was She Fired or Did She Quit?

There have been a number of news stories this past year about people being fired from their employment positions. In several instances, these individuals insisted that they were not fired, that they resigned. There is shame in being fired, and in most cases the individual is allowed to resign, as though it is a final act of kindness. My situation at Calvin Seminary was the opposite. When I went public with My Calvin Seminary Story nine years ago about my being fired, the Seminary might have responded that I deserved what I got (as they had been saying privately all along in regard to the first terminal appointment I had been given and the second as well). Instead, they stated publicly that I'd quit. True I did not apply for the position from which I had been terminated. Anyone could apply for it. I could apply for it today if I wanted to; no one could stop me. The fact is I was terminated from my teaching position at Calvin Seminary, though fired is the term I prefer. It expresses the force and meanness that I felt then and feel now. The massive cover-up of this ordeal went under the claim of confidentiality.

The other night I dreamed that I had encountered the VP of Academic Affairs and I challenged him about why he fired me. The day before I had quoted to John some of Edgar Allen Poe's poetry. With the alignment of those two phenomena I decided to write a poem. So here's a nod to Poe and to the Seminary:

Once upon a midnight tired
as I pondered being fired
after six years lately hired
as a seminary prof.

Nodding napping in my prison
suddenly there came a vision
quoth the raven with decision
to go public with a blog.

“Calvin Seminary Story”
named by raven black and hoary
said I surely wouldn’t be sorry
for exposure of this sin.

So I set about to tell all
what they charged was confidential
proved with documents official
claims deceitful and unjust.

Now immune from seminary
no more hounded weak and weary
no more midnights dark and dreary
thanks to raven evermore.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick Trip to the Island

This is our second year to catch 2 perfect days on Mackinac Island, Sunday/Monday after Labor Day when lodging rates are down as are the crowds. Again, we took only backpacks and bikes and got our same second-floor hotel room with a window facing the street where the horse-wagons clomp by--motorized vehicles not allowed on the Island during tourist season. We drove to Mackinaw City after we closed the Gardens on Saturday and stayed the night there before taking the earliest ferry in the morning. Here is a back-drop pic of the river the evening before we left. Also a pic of John looking out at the Mackinac Bridge on our way to the Island. We enjoy looking at the wonderful Victorian homes, and I managed to snap just as the horses and carriage were driving by.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Eleventh Anniversary and More

In some ways we mark our lives by a series of picnics. Here, John in his best pink work shirt, is dining alone to celebrate our August 28th eleventh anniversary, though I was quick to join him. We go to the best deli in town to purchase our favorite delicacies and have enough leftovers for the next day. Last weekend we made a summer pilgrimage to the Petoskey area and stayed at our favorite spot in Bayview, the Terrace Inn, est. 1911. While there we went along the bay up to Harbor Springs and enjoyed another picnic. Below is a house I spotted while biking north to Alanson--a beautiful little stone structure that has seen better days. Yesterday, fearing the heat of today, we took our Labor Day bike trip to Johnson Park, a 35-mile round-trip ride going through several large parks along the way--left the camera home.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Memorable Sunday without a Camera

Yesterday we biked some 30 miles, from 8 am to 11:15 on the Musketawa Trail from the Fruit Ridge parking lot through the little town of Conklin and on to Ravenna and back. What a beautiful trail that curved up and down hill through cornfields and tunnels of trees, an altogether lovely morning, and we got back before the rain. I commented to John at one point about how incredibly fortunate we are to be in such good health and enjoying exercise so much. That led to a biking discussion of the word fortune and fortunate and John's discourse on Carl Orff's musical composition Carmina Burana, the opening and closing movement of which is "O Fortuna." So when we returned home, I looked up the goddess Fortuna and learned among other things that she was seriously dissed by both St. Augustine and John Calvin. Sunday evening we drove out to Roselle Park in Ada and biked for most of an hour, stopping only to observe a bald eagle and a brilliant sunset against waves of goldenrod and a dark eastern sky. How I wished I had brought the camera along for both excursions. During the rainy afternoon, I made the final corrections on my next book, due to come out in February (Baker Book House).

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Typical Summer Day

We usually arrive at the business before 9 am, and Carlton often stops by with Tank, his newly acquired dog who loves to race around on our pathways. John's been doing a lot of painting this summer, as is evident in Kayla's playhouse and  Breton Cottage, now my art studio, where I encourage parents and grandparents to do simple folk art with their kids. When we leave in the afternoon at 4:30 we often drive to a county park with a picnic supper and hike or stop at our favorite pocket park on the way home, John at the table with the waterfall in view.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lazy Blogger

It's been a busy summer here at the Gardens and working with two publishers, though it's not an excuse for being a delinquent blogger. John writes in his journal every day, but this is the only picture journal we keep. Three weeks ago we were away for a Sunday/Monday trip, staying in Rodgers City, Michigan. The trip was somewhat spoiled by a bad fall I took while checking out upstairs lodging for the night. It was an old lodge and the hall was narrow and dark, with no marking for a sudden step up. I took a few layers of skin off my arm, and it's now mostly healed. Needless to say, we didn't stay the night, though the manager patched me up and gave us free dinners in the dining hall.  Not a good trade-off, but I suppose better than nothing. Here is John at Ocqueoc Falls, a much more pleasant aspect of that mini vacation.
Not much in the news these days about Confederate flags, and we assumed the issue related mainly to the SC state capitol. Here is what we saw ahead of us a few weeks ago driving through Muskegon. Below is John doing some coat-hanger repair on our Element with 270K miles, also snaps of both of us last Sunday at Ludington State Park where we hiked and biked on an absolutely perfect summer day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Birthday, a Lost Dog and Long-lost Friend!

I'm celebrating the big 7-0 today, though in dog years around 10. I actually feel a lot older than that, maybe around 49, but am proud to be 70. Three days ago, Carlton was driving 28th Street, the busy strip in Grand Rapids, and saw a dog caught in the middle with cars flying two abreast going both ways. He stopped traffic and got the dog in his car, no collar, no ID at all. So we started checking Craigslist lost and found and other cites, nothing. In the meantime, Carlton is falling head over heals for the dog. This morning he stopped by the Gardens and again "Tank" jumped out of his car and bounced around, always staying close to Carlton. Again I went in to Craigslist. Then I saw this new listing. Carlton was heartbroken. He called the number and confirmed that his dog was indeed Toulah. So he headed over to the house, a few miles from here, to return the family pet. In the meantime, I called the same number, telling the woman what a wonderful dog she had and how much my son loved it, asking if she might sell it. She said it was a family dog and couldn't. I asked if she had ever considered selling, and that is when she began crying, saying that yes she had thought of giving it away because they work and have a 2-year old son and another dog, and it's just too much. She said she would not sell but would give to a good home. I raved about Carlton, and told her how his out-of-town sales were now past and he was staying closer by overseeing all his properties. After I hung up, I caught Carlton before he got to her house. He was was choked up, could hardly talk----and shocked by what I was telling him. "You mean she'd give me Tank?" I said no; she won't give you Tank, but she will give you Toulah. So when he got there, Toulah stuck close to him and wouldn't even go to her. Carlton promised to stop by as often as she'd like. I had told her on the phone that when she comes to the Gardens there's a gift-certificate waiting for her.

Now, my other birthday gift. My long-lost friend Steph from Black Earth, Wisconsin, emailed yesterday saying she and her daughter decided on a last-miute drive to  enjoy the west coast of Michigan, and would like to come to Grand Rapids to see us (where Steph lived for 4 years). What an absolute delight to see her. It's been 4 years or more, and we picked up where we left off as though we've never parted. I love her to death!! Here she is with daughter Chelsea in the wonderful hat.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When the System Works and When it Doesn't

 Two checks came in the mail this week, one for $7500, the other for $264.64. We were most pleased with the latter. The first was, as I knew right away, "another obvious mistake," quoting my editor in an email to the person in charge of cutting the check. I'm supposed to send it back. Turns out it was for a woman whose last name is Tucker and first name begins with R. The second one is repayment for theft, the fourth and by far the largest payment we've gotten. Back in the day, some years ago when we owned a houseboat, and kept it at the Hardy Dam Marina, Justin Richard Opper decided to steal a bunch of marine batteries from the sterns of our boats. Good news is he got caught and per a law suit "People VS Justin Richard Opper," he's been paying back. We didn't get everything he owed us, but far more than we ever expected, especially when you consider lawyer fees. Hope you've learned a lesson Justin Richard Opper! Here's the old boat, now belonging to new owners.

Friday, July 10, 2015

July 7, 2015

The day held a lot of mixed emotions. July 7 was the day we said our final farewells to Mom Kraker (mother of Myra, John's second dearly departed wife). Visitation the night before and again before the 11 am funeral, then lunch in the church basement and finally to the nearby cemetery. It's always good to see out-of-town family, and Mom had been in hospice for weeks, so she was ready to go and we celebrated her 97 years of a full life.

Following the cemetery service we went to the Rest Home, where we celebrated Mom Worst's 100th birthday. It was a big doings with a lot of people, and Mom was happy though not fully aware of the significance of the day. She still has her sense of humor, however. When youngest great-grandson Zach came up to greet her, she remarked about his height and insisted on getting out of her wheelchair to stand next to him to see if he'd outgrown her. She could easily stand under his raised arm. Oh, how she laughed at that!

Bob and Laura came up from NC and stayed with us for several days, so it was an unusually busy week.

Below is what we wrote up for classified ads in the church magazine. We thought we were going to have to pay regular price, but 100th birthdays get free space---except for the above picture, which we gladly paid for.

Frances Vander Male Worst, long-time member of Creston CRC in Grand Rapids, celebrates her 100th birthday July 7 with her children John, Jim, Steve, Mary and her extended family. Her warmth, good nature and clever quips are legendary, especially appreciated by staff and residents of Christian Rest Home, 1000 Edison Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yesterday: Beautiful Day for a Wedding

I wasn't present at the wedding, but the pictures show they're having a wonderful time, and Kayla is the maid of honor. After almost 19 years of being a single mom, Melissa (Kayla's mother) took the plunge. We've met her new husband John and think he's a great guy, and Carlton gets along with him just fine. Melissa is more beautiful today than she was April 20, 1996, and she looks as happy in the picture as she is in person. We wish the bride and groom a joyous life together until death do them part.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Grandson's Graduation

He's headed for high school, our handsome Zach. With a look like that, he looks like he's almost ready for law school---and a personality that gives the girls goosebumps! He's the baby of the family. Ashley is headed for her junior year in high school, and Mitch is our college man. He doesn't like his picture taken, but I caught this profile before he realized what was happening. He's now sporting a little goatee.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rainy-Day Pictures

We've had rain here but nothing like the terrible flooding of Texas and Oklahoma, and the Grand River is relatively low so we have no worries. I finally saw a PA about my ear problem; she was really good and gave me some nasal spray that will hopefully solve the problem so that I won't have to get tubes in my ears, and I'm still not back to a full energy level. We've been working hard at the Gardens and at home---the usual spring clean-up and gardening. We love the wildflowers next door to our house that remained after the house was taken down late last fall, the other pics are taken here at the Gardens: yellow water irises on the pond, golden butterfly arch that John just completed and his lovely white pergola.